Public Domain Expert Toolbar Lite Edition

Public Domain Expert Toolbar Lite Edition




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"If These 3 Words Define HOW You Want to Find
Public Domain Resources, Then Get Ready to
`SPEAK` Your New Language..."

With the Public Domain Expert Toolbar, Lite Edition, you now have INSTANT access to online resources for EASILY finding Public Domain works right from your Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser. This brand-new tool changes the rules to Public Domain research by giving finger-tip access to...

Imagine being able to perform Public Domain keyword, author or title searches using
your choice of 6 different search databases that would give you FAST access
to books, photos, audios and videos and MORE...regardless of your niche!

The Search feature alone makes the "Public Domain Expert Toolbar, Lite Edition"
a valuable asset for your online research arsenel...

But there`s more...MUCH MORE!

The "Public Domain Expert Toolbar, Lite Edition" also provides you with
INSTANT access to over 75 Public Domain-related websites that includes:

No more wasting hours trying to find obscure Public Domain websites with
literary treasures. The Public Domain Expert Toolbar, Lite Edition includes simple access
to dozens of Book Collection Sites, Publisher Sites, Booksellers & MORE!

You can find thousands of Photographs, Artwork, Audios, Movies and
A LOT more through this collection of media website links.

Nearly every information product produced by the Federal Government is in the
Public Domain. Save valuable time by gaining quick access to top government websites.

Sometimes Copyright Law can be a little blurry concerning the status of certain
resources. Now you have one-click access to valuable copyright resources,
not just for the United States, but for other countries as well.

Having the RIGHT tools and resources can mean the difference between success in your online business ventures and certain failure. We include direct links to some of the TOP Information Product resources available to help you achieve the success you deserve!

I think you`ll agree that The Public Domain Expert Toolbar, Lite Edition
is a COMPLETE RESEARCH SOLUTION for quickly, simply
and easily locating Public Domain Works.