About Us

Welcome to the MyNextDownload.com website, a website owned and operated by Celexsa Technologies Private Limited. 

Celexsa Technologies Private Limited is an IT and Web Service Provider and it is one of the fastest growing companies in India. It focuses on Strong Domain Expertise, Extensive Technology Skills, Process Focus, Speed and Innovation that enables Celexsa to provide value-added, high quality Web solutions to customers.

As one of the fastest growing companies; we are faced with many challenges in the Information Systems arena. The response and professionalism of Celexsa has faced these challenges headlong and reacted quickly to a dynamic and changing environment. At Celexsa, we aim further than providing solutions that impact business; we aim to "change the way you do business".

Our expertise lies in reducing costs and improving productivity by bringing the strategic advantage of Software development to the doorstep of our customer in more ways than one. Thereby improving reliability, speed, agility and enabling our customers to achieve sustainable differential advantage over their competition. Our engagement models are flexible, scalable, secure and custom defined based on specific individual needs of our customers. We follow the right strategy to ensure business transformation, lower operational costs and quick time to market ensuring 100% success for our customer's business and in the process ensuring business continuity for us. Celexsa offshore software development services are intended to serve business analysis & Management with latest technology that develops state-of-the-art and custom software & web based applications.

Celexsa solutions enable reduction in the time and resources spent for a business process to take place for the clients, and serve to eliminate functional bottlenecks. Often, a manual process, albeit "visible", is not sufficient in a competitive environment and may result in hidden TCOs. By migrating a manual process to an IT-enabled one, the overall costs of executing a business process becomes much more rapid and cost-efficient. The initial costs of developing custom software solutions or offshore application development very quickly start to bear fruit as organizations find themselves in a position to ascertain the progress that they're making in terms of time-gains, resource-optimizations & cost-efficiency.