Leverage On Resell Rights 2nd Ed

Leverage On Resell Rights 2nd Ed




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This package come with premade web site which you can use to publish the web site and start selling this product instantly. Premade web site include of all the contents required for publishing the product.
Tired of hearing the same old "write an E-Book and start an affiliate program" advice? It is about time you try something else better and more productive, because in 5 minutes, you are going to...
"Discover How YOU Can Increase Your E-Book Upsells, Your Own Expert Status, Your Own Quality Leads, And Residual Income Explosively Just By Leveraging on Resell Rights!"
Find Out Why YOU Are Cheating Yourself Out Of A Better Solution And How You Can Use The Leverage Of Resell Rights In Your Favor And Be The Next Best-Selling Author Rather Than Just A Best-Writing Author!
Dear E-Book Author,
Are you tired of hearing the same old lines like: "Write an E-Book, start an affiliate program, and get your affiliate slaves to sell for you"? Well actually, in several instances, most affiliates are really slaves.
Most of them are lazy. Most of them having poor self-motivation. Most of them can`t do things right. Most of them hardly earn anything, and you know what that means? You don`t get your share of the money, too, if they don`t perform well!
Don`t get me wrong, though. There ARE super affiliates out there whom you wish would join your affiliate program. And there is absolutely nothing wrong starting an affiliate program to sell your E-Book in the first place.
But seriously, I strongly feel you are cheating yourself of a better solution.
You have probably written an E-Book which you are planning to sell in the Internet marketplace. You have carefully researched the market and learned that there is a huge demand for the information you present in your digital E-Book.
Or you have already tried selling your E-Book, but with little success. You may have tried selling on your own or wonder why your affiliates are not working as hard as you thought they should be. And right now, you are contemplating a better solution.
Hey, ever thought of leveraging your marketing efforts on resellers instead of affiliates?
"Reseller vs. Affiliate."
In case you are still new to Resell Rights, resellers are individuals who resell digital products with Resell Rights and keep all the profits. That is one feature that separates the reseller from an affiliate, since the reseller has access to the product together with its acquired rights while the affiliate acts mainly as a referrer without having the benefit of keeping the product unless he purchases it himself.
So, you are probably wondering: why resellers and not affiliates?
After all, there are product authors who are successful in sales simply by creating an affiliate program for all affiliates to join and market his product for a commission.
Consider the following:
Overall, resellers are usually more motivated than affiliates.

Why? That is because a reseller has to invest an amount of money in acquiring a product with Resell Rights. That is his money (and probably hard-earned at that) on the table and he is more motivated to cover investment quick and then profit from it.
On the contrary, there is no joining fee in becoming an affiliate. This is probably the reason why most affiliates are not as motivated as resellers as they have never invested any money at all in becoming one.
Resellers work independently.
A reseller sets up his or her own page or web site to start selling the product. If the reseller is at fault, his business would be affected and not yours. Besides, overall resellers are more serious about their business than most affiliate marketing novices.
If you recruit just any Tom, Dick, and Harry into your affiliate program, on the other hand, don`t be surprised if you see an affiliate moron of yours spamming your favorite forum which you frequent and if affiliate spamming gets out of hand, it won`t be long until you have your first - and last - online date with your domain name provider just before he shuts your online business down for good.
"Resell Rights - A Powerful Online Leverage?"
The Internet Marketing gospel delivered, is there any more doubt to using Resell Rights? Wait, maybe there are.
"Leverage" is a very powerful word in business of any kind. But like a kitchen knife, it can be used in your favor - or even against you.
If you have been online for some time, I am very sure that you have come across quite a number of Resell Rights products. They can come in the form of E-Books or even software, scripts and audio/video. But they all sure have Resell Rights conveyed.
And if you hang out often with other Internet Marketers, some of them would loathe Resell Rights like mud on the ground. In other words, most Resell Rights products out there are garbage that should belong in the Rubbish Bin folder!
But not ALL of them. Not YOUR E-Book, you don`t want that to happen!
Resell Rights is a great leverage you will do well to use where increasing your upfront sales, residual income, and even your expert status are concerned.
But like any other forms of power, it can be used in your favor, or even against you. More often than not, most Resell Rights E-Book authors use Resell Rights against themselves. Small wonder why most Resell Rights products are labeled "junk"!
While they don`t necessarily lose their fingers to a kitchen knife or got backfired by their pistols they keep in the cupboard, not making any money and wasting time are very , very expensive.
Also, think about the following:
Why should resellers choose to resell YOUR E-Book in the first place?
Why should you convey Resell Rights to your E-Book when resellers get to keep 100% of the profits for every copy of your E-Book sold since you won`t be getting a single cent out of it?
How are you going to earn residual income by conveying Resell Rights to your E-Book?
I have hazard a guess these are among the top questions you have in mind right now, and that`s where I come in with...
Leverage On Resell Rights
For E-Book Authors - 2nd Edition
83 Letter-sized Pages, PDF Format, Instant Download
Let Me Show You How You Can Use Resell Rights to Increase Your Upsells, Reputation, Quality Leads, And Residual Income Exponentially!
In my manual, I show you how you - from scratch - how you can create a profitable business around your E-Book simply by conveying Resell Rights to it, and be on your way to become the next best-selling author!
* The Resell Rights concept and plan for E-Book authors.
While Resell Rights is a broad topic by itself, I want you to see that the rules are different for Resell Rights E-Book authors and resellers.
In a nutshell, resellers focus on marketing therefore they acquire Resell Rights products to resell in order to skip the product creation process. On the other hand, E-Book authors have to undertake the product creation work and equipping the resellers.
I reveal to you the entire Resell Rights profits plan and concept, leaving no more guesswork for you.
* The 4 money making centers.
Find out the 4 ways you can make money from your E-Book with Resell Rights, some of which you don`t know so well or that can`t be accomplished if you went ahead to start a regular affiliate program to sell your E-Book.
* All of what you need to get started!
Find out all of what you need to get started on your serious Resell Rights business and where to get them for free to low cost!
* How and what a savvy reseller thinks.
Elite resellers are individuals on the look out for quality, in-demand products to resell and keep all the profits to themselves. You need to know how they think and analyze their "investments" before making a purchase and investing their own effort and sweat equity into marketing them.
Know how they think and you will know how you can go about making your Resell Rights program attractive like a reseller`s magnet!
* How to write your E-Book.
While this can fall under info product creation, I describe to you how you strategically architect your E-Book thus making it high in quality and attractive to your resellers. I also describe to you why your E-Book should be in PDF Format rather than .EXE format.
* How to architect your Resell Rights terms and conditions.
A lot of product authors goof up this part, and I show you how not only can you avoid discovering the same mistake, I highlight the TOP 10 questions you must answer well in your Resell Rights terms and conditions plus I detail to you my own insights and strategies so that it can be in your favor rather than against you!
* What to equip your resellers with.
You don`t want to give them any excuse not to resell your E-Book. Equip them to the fullest because their main concern should be marketing, marketing, marketing.
Find out what you need to prepare for them in detail in my manual and how you can gain an edge over other product authors simply by adding a few different components to your Reseller Materials Pack, which I bet you might have not even thought of!
* How to prevent your E-Book from getting devalued.
Most Resell Rights products have very low "life span" online due to huge mistakes in marketing and product creation. I reveal to you some of the most important factors you should be aware of that can be responsible for putting your E-Book in the E-graveyard too soon.
* Where to look for resellers in the masses.
Find out where to look for resellers in masses and how you can get your product to them!
* How to earn back-end income, quality leads and gain more exposure.
I show you how you can achieve all of the above, even if your resellers are selling as many copies of your product and keeping all the profits to yourself. To learn why this is the case and how you can achieve this, get a copy of my manual now!
* And much, much more!