Increase Your IQ

Increase Your IQ




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Stimulate Your Intelligence Quotient And Realize Your Dreams

A person’s intelligence is measured on a scale of 55-175. Around 50% of the people fall between 85 and 115. Anyone having an IQ in this range is said to have average intelligence. Those above 115 achieve more than the average person. Be it art or science, a high IQ can mean great accomplishments. Einstein and Mozart are said to have set a record of 160 on the same graph. Only 0.13% of the population are exceptionally gifted. Do you want to walk down a similar path?

Learn how to increase your IQ and succeed is any aspect of life

Enhance your job performance, get a salary hike and improve your public image

Build your confidence and self esteem. A high IQ can also help you become more optimistic in life

Tackle negative situations with greater zeal and take life within your stride

No longer do you have to feel depressed when another coworker is extolled… because you know you have the capability to outdo his performance

Improve your perception skills and grasp more from what you learn

Enhance your overall personality

Use your charm to make an impact on people you meet

Impress your seniors, colleagues, friends and family with witty remarks

Be the life of parties and social gatherings and make your absence palpable

Improve your social connections and establish a one-to-one relationship with every acquaintance with your newfound confidence

Do not demand respect, command it

Leave a mark wherever you go

Become the pride of your family

Become popular and bask in the sunshine of admiration

Read How to Increase Your IQ

A book that promises to change your life forever!

Get hold of this magic wand and improve your prospects.

Discover latent qualities in yourself. Work on them and become a jack of all trades.

Get people to take notice of you. Become irresistible to all! Enhance your worth and become the focal point of all decision-making tasks.

Get congratulated and applauded by your team for the successful implementation of plans and programs. Enjoy your success story.

Let people quote you as an exemplary figurehead.