Pumping Out Your First Email List

Pumping Out Your First Email List




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Almost one of the first ‘rules of the game’ that anyone new to online business or internet marketing ever hears about is the notion that you have to build a mailing list if you expect to have a successful business. After all, as every expert who is worth listening to will tell you, ‘the money is in the list’.

This is essentially true because although it is possible to run a successful business without building a list at the same time, it is an awful lot harder to do so. And why would you make life any more difficult than it already is, right?

Hence, the objective of this book is to show you how to start building your first mailing list from scratch in the most effective and ultimately profitable way. It will also demonstrate why creating a list is so important and why doing so in the right way is of even more relevance.

This is not some hypothetical ‘if you do A, then B might happen’ theoretical guide. It is an exact replica of the plan I used to build a list of 2500 new subscribers from scratch in one month, a plan that has been tested in the heat of the online marketing battle and shown to be a winner.

And here is the final thing to understand before we move on.

There is nothing difficult or complex about building a mailing list. Once you understand why you are doing things a certain way and you have put in place what you need to make sure that things happen the way they should do, list building is actually pretty easy.

However, there is some work involved because it is a fact that in every aspect of online business, work is an integral part of the deal. In online marketing as with everything else in life, what you get out is always in direct proportion to what you are willing to put in. Without work, your list building efforts are consequently almost certainly doomed to failure.