Becoming A computer Expert In 7 Days

Becoming A computer Expert In 7 Days




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Become A Computer
Expert In 7 Days Or Less, And Be Able
To Install Software, Troubleshoot Problems
And Upgrade Their Own PC

Becoming A Computer Expert In 7 Days

This guide is written for the average PC user, who is terrified of computers and is a computer idiot.

It contains information which teaches you what a computer consists of, how to upgrade different components, how to troubleshoot common problems, how to protect your PC and how to effortlessly reinstall your PC when needed.

Inside the book, you`ll discover:
What kind of PC you really need for the tasks you`re doing
What are the essential components of a PC
How each PC components work and if you need to replace them
What to do if your PC is slow before deciding if you need an upgrade
The type of software you must install on your PC
How to re-install the whole of your PC in under 2 hours
How to know if you`re taken for a ride by a technician fixing your PC
How to speak to a computer salesman
Advanced techniques on troubleshooting your PC
And much, much moreā€¦