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This isn`t some animated GIFs, Flash, or Photoshop wizardry. Just "point and click" to create your own animated headlines, subheads, graphics, whatever... on the fly and get them to catch the instant attention of your website visitors!

Stand out from the crowd and get your website and product noticed in an increasingly cluttered world!

Version 2 has many more features and effects engines! Popup lightbox windows featuring images, entire web pages, video, audio, and more!

Here are just some of the new features in PowerEffects Version 2:

Ability to save and load animated effects

Built-in WYSIWYG HTML editor means no more swapping back and forth between your web editor and PowerEffects! (Plus you can always fine-tune the HTML PowerEffects creates for you for maximum effect)

3 New effects engines give you popup lightbox capabilities: images, full web pages, videos, an MP3 audio player, and MORE... right on your web page!

Built-in help tooltips. Just pass your mouse over the field to get the inside scoop on what it can do for you

Password protected, so no unauthorized users can access your PowerEffects Designer

Ability to jump to any animation frame-or the main settings-instantly!

Behind-the-scenes engine enhancements means the software is even smarter than before! In most cases, PowerEffects will translate your HTML to the formats the effects engines work best withautomatically, behind the scenes.

Of course you can always override most HTML settings directly by editing the HTML code itself, but you probably won`t need to.

A comprehensive user manual that gets you up and generating effects for your own web site in no time flat!

Even more video, tips, and tools (and FREE updates for all future versions... FOREVERwhen you register for free

And much more!