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Website thieves have been using the right mouse button to steal text and graphics out from under your nose!

Today is the day you block website thieves, reward your real customers and generate cash on demand - all with one simple mouse click!

Plus, if you act fast, get a special bonus that will propel your website into the world of Web 2.0!

With "Right Click Income", you can protect every pixel of your precious website and put dishonest surfers on notice that you`re not going to sit back and take it any more! "Right Click Income" will detect each and every website burglar that tries to take what`s yours, will completely deny them access to your digital property, and will instantly warn them to move on.

But "Right Click Income" is more than a powerful protector. It`s an on-demand cash generator! Sometimes people right click on your site for perfectly innocent reasons. Wouldn`t it be great to give them something to look at when they right click? Wouldn`t it be really great if it was something they could buy? Who knows, maybe even someone who was tempted to make off with pieces of your site will suddenly see that your products are worth a second look.

"Right Click Income" does more than just show dishonest people the door. It also opens a window! That`s right, this amazing little software can actually lead your visitors to a new buying opportunity that can literally explode your profits. A right click on your site becomes a trap door to buried treasure. Visitors will feel like they`ve stumbled onto a special deal and you`ll have their undivided attention for your special offer.