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This product is inclusive of ready made web site allowing you to resell this software instantly. Additional items such as graphics, marketing articles, promotional text and other items may also included with the package as well.

"Here`s How You Can Convert More Visitors Into Customers With Very Little Effort Using This Ethical Exit Traffic Technology!"

Profit Negotiator

Plug n Play Setup - Profit Negotiator is so easy to use that a grade school student could do it. You truly can plug this system in in just a few minutes!

Auto Pilot Operation - Once you set the software up, you don`t have to do anything else, ever. It runs on complete autopilot!

Streamlined Coding - The coding in Profit Negotiator is rock solid. You can bet that this software will take all the traffic you can throw at it without ever fouling up once!

Time Tested - Based on proven psychological triggers this system isn`t one of those "fad" marketing gimmicks that is going to stop working in a few months.

Profit Negotiator is an incredible tool that grabs people that were leaving your site and sucks them back in as a paying customer.

No, this isn`t some kind of popup or crazy sound that scares and irritates your customer.

Profit Negotiator is a software that you install on your webpage which changes nothing on your main sales letter.

However, when someone clicks away from your page, the page automatically shows the customer a special offer "on your page" that offers them a discount to get them to buy now, or you can also offer them something free to get them to enter their email address to you can sell them in the future.

You now can show a full page offer, not just what you can fit on one of those lame DHTML popups, but an actual full page.

This page however does not "Pop Up" -- those can be blocked, it is actually a hidden part of your main sales page that magically appears when someone attempts to exit your page without ordering!

This grabs a whole segment of customers that never buy at full price and wait for a special promotion by offering them that special promotion right away

This increases conversion like mad and pads up your customer email list as well as your bank account in the way of increased profits!

Don`t You Deserve More Profits And Higher Conversions
On The Existing Traffic To Your Website?

Profit Negotiator is an extremely easy system to use.

If you can copy and paste and open your page in an HTML editor you have the skills needed to use this powerful system.

Plus, we`ve provided a simple step-by-step instructions that will have you up and running in less than 2 minutes!...

Step 1:

Open your ftp client to any domain you wish to use in which to install Profit Negotiator.

Step 2:

Select the "New Folder" option and name the folder you will use for installation. (I`ve chosen `negotiator` for this example but you can use any name you like... it`s totally up to you)

Step 3:

Now open the new folder you just created in your ftp client. (This should be an empty folder)

Step 4:

On the "Computer" side of your ftp client open the folder named "Profit Negotiator Script", select all the files and click the upload arrow to upload all the files to the internet.

Step 5:

Once complete check to make sure that all the files have uploaded to the web... you`re now ready to start creating unblockable popups.

Step 6:

Now just head over to and you`re ready to go. There`s no permissions to change or SQL databases to create. Installation should actually take less than 2 minutes (depending on how fast your ftp connection is)

We also include full written installation instructions and as a backup if you prefer we also include a 16 minute video install instruction manual for you....

You don`t have to worry about this being some crazy software that you need to read a hundred page manual on.

This is the closest thing to a true "plug n play" conversion system on the Internet.

Even if you have never taken a computer class you can do this with just the basic skills that I mentioned above, I promise.

Profit Negotiator is not only friendly and powerful to your conversion but also friendly to the "newer" business person online.