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This product comes with fully readymade web site. This readymade web site comes with all the contents that one requires to publish the site to sell the product. These web sites are designed by professional and have been optimized with marketing text to ensure sales maximization.

"Building A Website Doesn`t Have To Be Difficult ..."

Kevin Riley is an Infopreneur -- publishing his popular Internet Marketing Recipes from his comfortable home office in Osaka, Japan. Too many people let the fear of building websites and wrangling with HTML hold them back from the money they could be making -- with their own websites.

Don`t let this happen to you!

When you have your own websites, you can start building a solid online presence that will keep steadily bringing in the cash. In fact, you can build a whole network of websites -- quite easily.

And ... with a simple (and free) editor -- and easy, illustrated instructions -- anybody can build a simple money-maker website in just an hour or two.

A Step-By-Step Guide ...

... shows you exactly how to build web pages the easy and quick way ... and upload them to the Internet, in a flash!

"The Newbie Toolkit: How To Build And Upload Your First Website" gives you fully-detailed screenshots, with easy directions showing you exactly how to:

Get and install a simple (and free) web page editor. With everything laid out in illustrated steps, you`ll soon be zipping out websites like a pro.

Set up the backbone of your webpage, with a controlled-width, white background for easy reading ... and a coloured surround of your choice.

Easily place pictures and text side by side, for a crisp, professional-looking website.

Create an attention-grabbing, benefit-shouting bulleted list -- just like this one.
Add clickable links to your page, with a few clicks of your mouse. Put in those links that make you money (Affiliate commissions anyone?)
Even drop snippets of code into your website, in just 3 simple steps. Yes! It`s not as difficult as you feared.
Install an easy to use FTP program, that lets you easily drag`n`drop your website files from your computer onto your Internet domain.

Build and upload your first website today ... this weekend ... soon. Build it the easy and hassle-free way -- with your Newbie Toolkit in hand.

Before you know it ... you`ll have your own professional-looking website on the Internet -- ready to promote you, your products or services, other people`s products ...

And ... this highly-detailed Newbie Toolkit -- which is going to save you so much time and hassle