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This product comes with fully readymade web site. This readymade web site comes with all the contents that one requires to publish the site to sell the product. These web sites are designed by professional and have been optimized with marketing text to ensure sales maximization.

Roller Coaster Pricing
My Firesales by 2 to 1!

Customers Buy, Just to Try For the Best Price!

Introducing Roller Coaster Pricing!

The Idea Behind Roller Coaster Pricing
and Why It Works!

Welcome! here to tell you about a terrific new product that has people begging to get their hands on it!
One of internet marketing`s relative newcomers, Todd Gross, took his listmembers by surprise recently with the announcement and demonstration of a pricing scheme that is so devilishly clever that he had customers feeling like they had just hit the jackpot on a slot machine. Todd slipped this brainstorm quietly out in a simple sales letter:

You ready for a FUN President`s Day Weekend Sale?

Here`s your challenge..


"Install SEO Wordpress"

....videos will show you step by step FROM SCRATCH how to install Wordpress with Search Engine Optimization maximized from the start. This is the easiest way to get started online. If you haven`t made a cent, this should be one of your first moves..

And the funny part of this sale is that like the stock market, the price fluctuates. Don`t believe me? Hit refresh if you don`t like the price. YOU decide at which price to buy

That`s it! That`s all it took to unleash a scramble to get a copy of this product that let`s customers choose the price that they pay for your product

I simply had to get a copy, and I`m sharing this opportunity with you.

I`ll let Todd tell you about it himself:

We always talk about the psychology of selling in Internet Marketing, but one thing that is often overlooked is how annoying and short-lived some of the sales schemes are. Firesales, or Dime Sales where the price goes up, sometimes rapidly, increases the desire to get in early by prospective buyers, but it can leave a bad taste in their mouth because they feel rushed or werent around when the price was low. Not only that, sales that run up in price in one direction, tend to become less popular with time, as the price gets out of reach.

Enter Roller Coaster pricing. With some experience in day-trading the stock market a few years back, I know something about market psychology. One of the known times that the volume of trades can go way up, is when a perceived bottom is reached in a stock or indexs price. Why not apply that same psychology, and create a scenario where a products price goes up and down with every refresh of the potential buyers sales page? Surely, they will try hard to catch a bottom and it will increase sales! There are several advantages to this price structure.

1. The price always goes up and down so the sale does not get stale with time as in a firesale when the price gets too high.

2. Many buyers do not take the time to find the absolute lowest price, but are satisfied with something lower than the highest price they see. This means that a few sales will be made far above what would be considered the market average for the product.

3. Buyers become so mesmerized with the game of finding the lower price that they will likely buy for the sake of securing the price, in addition to getting the product.

4. Buyers will not become weary or bitter about this pricing scheme as much as they would a firesale, which quickly runs away from them and does not allow them time to make a decision on their own terms. The Roller Coaster pricing structure makes the buyer feel empowered to change the price, unlike a firesale.

With my first test using the Roller Coaster pricing scheme, we took in 239 sales in 36 hours, or around $2,000 US dollars. The product was a set of videos showing how to set up a WordPress blog on your own server with SEO built in. The sales were mostly in the $6 to $8 range with sales ranging from $6.00 even to $12.23 with the range of the Roller Coaster being set from $5.99 to $13.99 While I did not split test this, similar sales in weeks prior did about 50% as well. I also received many unsolicited comments from my subscribers including:

I enjoyed this yo-yo sale very much, and even though I did not really want to buy, I did. - Konstanze-Marie

Hey Todd! Surfed on the price wave for SEO WordPress and I think I did pretty good, just $7.95! Started at $13.45 then just refreshed the page for the price cut. Thinking you could do something with surf crashing sounds and a wave graphic... just an idea! Very fun!!! - Bonnie

Just wanted to tell you I really liked this randomizer price thing... it was fun and I got your product/videos for $6.02!! Even though I know your products are great, I felt like I got an even better deal... Wonderful! - Tamara

Throw A Wet Blanket on Firesales
and Catch the Latest Pricing Ride!

Roller Coaster Pricing comes with

Firesale - Still great for short-term interest building

Upsell option - For offering resell rights or an alternate higher priced product

Discount Offer - Everyone loves a bargain. Pick a percentage and watch sales increase!

Want to offer a limited time discount ? Forget the hassle of accepting coupon codes! Offering a discount is easy! Just enable the discount, set your start and end timeframe and it happens automatically! No need to access your code for an earlybird sale time or to be there to shut off a 1 hour special after 60 minutes!

PageWrapper option (Template) - Display your sales page with a `template` or without! You choose !

and 5 Pre-Coded Example Sites!
Choose One To Start With, "Make It Yours", and Upload It!