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This product comes with fully readymade web site. This readymade web site comes with all the contents that one requires to publish the site to sell the product. These web sites are designed by professional and have been optimized with marketing text to ensure sales maximization.

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If You`re Running An Affiliate Program - Any Affiliate Program -,
You Just Can`t Live Without This Tool!

Are you running an affiliate program of some sort? Then I assume you agree with me on the fact that setting up the affiliate promo-tools section can be a real pain. Unless you have purchased some expensive affiliate manager script, that is.

But Times Are About To Change!


Promo Page Generator

This brand new script allows you to create professional promo tools pages fast and easy.

And maybe the best part about it is that you don`t need to know anything about HTML or PHP - If you can copy & paste, you can present your affiliates a fully featured promo tools page in less than 10 minutes

Everybody knows most affiliates are pretty lazy. They don`t want to spend their time creating promo tools for the products they`re promoting. (And who can blame them?)
And since your success is directly determined by their success, you`ll have to do it for them!

By giving your affiliates ready-to-use affiliate promotion tools with their affiliate links already embedded, the number of affiliates actively promoting your products will increase, which will - of course - have a positive effect on the number of sales you make.

Promo Page Generator is a simple PHP script that will guide you through the process of creating such a professional promo tools page step-by-step. No complicated coding involved! And maybe the best part about it is that it works with ANY affiliate program; it doesn`t matter if you`re using Clickbank, Saleflurry or any other - as long as there`s an affiliate link, PPG can do the job for you!

Here`s what PPG WILL do for you:

Create a neat PHP-page that lists all available promo tools:

* text links
* Email Copies
* Signature Ads
* PopUp Ads
* Image Ads
* eZine Ads
* Top Sponsor Ads

Add your own header- and background image.
Add your affiliate link to the `recommended site` URL`s.
Add your affiliate link to the `Powered By PPG` message at the bottom of the page.
Generate the code & provide the instructions needed to create a form affiliates can use to embed their affiliate link.
Provide you with an easy way to upload your file to your server (through webbased FTP)

PromoPage Generator is a PHP script, but it requires NO complicated script install or MySQL database. If your server supports PHP (most of them do), you`re all set! Just upload the entire script to your server, and you can start creating an unlimited number of `promo tools` pages to present to your affiliates.

Believe me, they don`t come any easier than this!

Get Promo Page Generator Now & Use It To Motivate Your Affiliates and Increase Your Sales !