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Introducing ..... WP Popup Subversion ......
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Brief Note :
Is Your Pop Up Plugin Killing Your Conversions?
Downright `Evil` Sales-Psychology Trick Grows Your List on Steroids and Makes Your Paypal Account Explode!
All of the Benefits of a Traditional Pop Up Plugin, Without the Drawbacks!
Dear fellow entrepreneur,
“Traditional” Popups Are Killing Your Conversions & Affiliate Commissions!
Here’s the problem:
Popups are awesome at interrupting your visitors! ...… Always At The Wrong Freakin’ Time!
Talk about rubbish user-experience!
In fact, most people HATE popups! (and leave your site faster than you can say “bounce-rate”)
Just ask yourself:
“what do YOU normally do?”
You simply click them away … and then continue reading the piece of content you were engaged with!
To make things worse, research shows:
even though in some cases you get more signups and more clicks with popups, the quality of those clicks tends to be MUCH lower!
All of this, just because with traditional popups you’re annoying your visitors when the popup comes up at exactly the wrong moment:
whilst they’re engaged in your content …
Now, wouldn’t it be nice if you could fire off your popup precisely when your visitors are ready for it and actually WANT to check out your offer?
Introducing: WP Popup Subversion
New Popups Pop Up When the Visitor WANTS them To Pop UP!
A brand-new WP plugin that solves the “Ineffective Traditional Popups” problem using some sneaky, subvertive sales-psychology:
Subversion Step #1:
an unobtrusive slide-in captures their attention and gets them interested with an enticing call to action.
Your visitor now has the CHOICE to continue reading, or engage with the slide-in.
And that’s the KEY! Giving your users the CHOICE!
They are now in charge – creating a much more positive user-experience!
Subversion Step #2:
The very moment they decide to pay real attention to the slide-in, and navigate the mouse to the ‘slide-in’, the real popup fires !
Highly engaged visitors who actually WANT to check out your content !
Keeping all the benefits of the traditional popup, minus the drawbacks !