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Today you are going to STOP using YouTube for your videos. Because you have the power to control what how your video is displayed and how it interacts with viewers.

I know that sounds like a big thing to say.. but with one wordpress plugin you can create a viral-powerhouse with just one video or audio file. Instead of letting another website like YouTube get all the traffic -- take it back!

How can you do this? This one plugin creates brandable media players with your content, your links, and let your visitors embed on their blogs... You already know why that is super powerful in viral traffic, sales and lead generation.

Lead generation?

At any point in time you can set a pop-up of your Auto-Responder service code to collect new leads at the click of a mouse. This can be activate by setting the time so when the listener gets to that time it will pop-up a beautiful auto-responder form.

You can also set a timed alert box and even grab attention with flashing Call-to-Action button that will appear on your media player and ALL of embeded players - I guarantee it!

Here is the truth:

YouTube takes your traffic & don`t have full control!

No way to add links such as affiliate links

They are downright slow work through other services.

Force you to work on their terms...

Intended for average users -- NOT Internet Marketers

Quit spending countless hours trying to find a solution that will allow you to create viral media players that have YOUR logo, your content and timed actions... you won`t find it -- especially a plugin for wordpress?

You have just found what you are looking for...

It`s called: WP Media Remix, and its the number #1 wordpress plugin for any internet marketer who is working with audio or video -- it is absolutely neccessairy!

I really want to make this very clear, you do need this plugin it will give your blog traffic, and engage your visitors and they will enjoy sharing it on their blogs!

Yes, you read that. This is a very powerful powerful plugin that will gain you viral traffic, email leads and even promote your Facebook + Twitter pages. Introducing the simple, fast and easy solution:

WP Media Remix is a wordress plugin that anyone can use, because all they need to do is put it on there wordpress blog, and they are ready to go!

There is no complicated mySQL install process, it`s just a simple upload process. This is designed this to be the easiest script you have plugin to installed, and started to use.

Here are the main reasons why you shoul start using WP Media Remix to create branded media players:

No skills required at all! You don`t need any skills to get started..

Super Simple To INSTALL! Just upload to your blog and go!

Amazingly Beautiful WP Plugin! Detailed plugin and media player!

Manage Your Media Players! Create unlimited media players inside wordpress!

Shortcodes for Posts and Pages! Simply add to any page you want!

You don`t need any editing software, and you dont even need your own video service, because you can watch video in HTML5 video player with your branded logo, content, auto-responder and more...