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ATTENTION: WordPress website owners in need of great looking sales pages....

"Stop Struggling With CSS, HTML, And Cryptic PHP And Start Building Beautiful Landing Pages - Effortlessly!"

We all love WordPress for its ease of use, but there`s one thing it`s really bad at....

Dear Online Business Owner,

You`ve used WordPress for years. You know how simple it is to publish a blog post, add a new page, even change your theme for a whole new look.

You also know how incredibly frustrating it is to create a nice looking sales page.

Like a lot of WordPress users, you`ve probably struggled with this, maybe resorting to...

- Spending a whole day - or more! - up to your eyeballs in CSS while you try to add the graphic elements to your page that make it stand out.

- Hiring an expensive php coder to create a custom page for you - and then doing that again and again for every opt-in and sales page you create.

- Purchasing a complicated premium theme that excels at sales pages - but makes your blog look rather...unimpressive.

Ugh! There Must Be a Better Way!

None of these options are optimal. That`s why so many of us "settle" for less-than-optimal landing pages.

The truth is, with most WordPress themes, you can`t easily...

- Remove the header - it remains as just another distraction for your visitors.

- Remove the navigation - the kiss of death for an opt-in or sales page are links that lead away from the page, and there`s nothing you can do to remove these in a standard WordPress theme!

- Add your opt-in code - even if you carefully hand-code the page with custom HTML and CSS, if you try to edit it later (or a client does) you`ll make a huge mess.

- All of these landing-page problems make the website software we love frustrating to deal with when it comes to landing pages, but now you can...

- Easily and Effortlessly Create Beautiful Landing Pages

With Effortless Landing Pages, you can create stunning sales and opt-in pages in just minutes, using the familiar tools you already know and use every day.

Effortless Landing Pages is a powerful WordPress plugin that...

Installs in seconds - just upload the zip file right from your WordPress dashboard. Uses WordPress`s own page editing tools - no new software to learn. Includes modern design elements you can just drop in to your sales page. But it`s even better than that. This plugin takes all the guesswork out of creating good-looking sales and opt-in pages by providing...

2 different page types to fit your project - choose the sales page option to sell your product, or the opt-in page to generate leads. Custom footer links to make including your disclaimer and contact pages easy - even on pages with no navigation. Point-and-click buttons, call-to-action boxes, and more.

Here`s everything you can do with this easy-to-use plugin:

- Choose from a sales or opt-in page format.
- Add and format text using the familiar WYSIWYG editor - or the text editor if you want even more control.
- Add your choice of buy buttons - with the text and color YOU choose. (Hint: test this to maximize your conversions.)
- Choose from three modern page styles - shadow, page curl, or glow.
- Choose your background color.
- Use your site`s theme or not.
- Change your headline color for maximum impact.
- Create attention grabbing opt-in headlines.
- Change the background color of your opt-in form - make it stand out for better conversion rates.
- Automatically connect your autoresponder service just by dropping their code into the page - No formatting or mysterious input fields to deal with.
- Choose the style and color for your subscribe button.
- Add your own call to action for the button text.
- Choose to display your page title or not - useful if your theme doesn`t allow you to turn this off.
- Add hand-drawn elements for instant attention-grabbing appeal.
- Choose to display your page title or not - useful if your theme doesn`t allow you to turn this off.
- Call attention to testimonials and guarantees with fully-customizable text boxes.
- Add buy buttons in your choice of eight colors - just paste in your cart code and you`re done.
- Create as many pages as you want so you can link to them as needed!
- And it`s all as easy as writing a blog post!