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Traffic Hurricane is a system that will automatically search for every keyword possibility that has been searched for on the internet that includes your main keyword.....

As an example, if your product keyword is something like "toner" you would enter this keyword into the system and it will find all of the more specific "sub-keyword" terms ever searched for that included the word "toner". In the search we did, we found 596 different keyword combinations for "toner".

Traffic Hurricane will then automatically create a separate webpage for each of these laser targeted keywords.

Traffic Hurricane Creates Thousands Of Laser Targeted Pages In A Very Short Period Of Time. You will be able to create an amazing number of pages with our very easy to use interface with minimal effort on your part.

Before we discovered this system, we used to create these pages by hand. While that still sent us a ton of traffic, it took an enormous amount of time to create these pages. We now receive many thousand more targeted hits every day -- all due to this system.

Traffic Hurricane Uses Top Quality Content On All The Pages It Creates! the system is not just creating a bunch of keyword rich pages that are going to automatically forward the traffic that arrives at them to your main web or affiliate link. They will actually provide good quality content that will not be banned by search engines.

You will also have the ability to add RSS feeds for dynamic up-to-date content. This is content taken from other information service web pages and inserted into your web pages automatically. Search engines love this type of content because every time a search engine spider visits your site, there will always be new content.

Traffic Hurricane Pages Are Fully Customizable! One of the big reasons the major search engines BAN most of the pages created by a lot of the other programs is that they all look and act the same. The search engines quickly pick up the pattern and ban them........... However, Traffic hurricane pages are fully customizable including the amount and type of content placed on them ensuring your hurricane pages will be unique.

There Are 14 Templates You Can Choose From. And to go a few steps further, you can select the colors of those templates from a huge range of colors, plus you can easily add up to 3 images on each of the pages to ensure that your pages will be unique from anyone else using our system.

In Short, Traffic Hurricane Will Automatically Create Tens Of Thousands 0f High Ranking Web Pages For You, To Promote Your Own Products And Products You Sell As An Affiliate.

When a visitor first finds your Keyword Targeted Hurricane Page in a search engine, they will be presented with some content about your product, along with multiple links to be able to find out more information about your product (all of which go to your sites main page through a direct or affiliate link).

It will also give them multiple links to your competitors` products! I know that sounds strange to be promoting your competitors` products, but hang with me here. This is part of what makes your pages rank so well....

If your visitor clicks to go directly to your product, then great.. your objective has been completed...


One of the things your hurricane pages will do to ensure a high ranking is also promote the top search engine ranked pages of your competitors for every sub-keyword combination you are promoting.

The reason for this is... if you take just a little tiny bit of each of the top ranked pages for any given search term and place some of their content on your page with a link back to their page, guess what that does for your ranking!