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Introducing .... Easy Video Spinner .......

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New Push Button Software Cranks Out Dozens of Unique Marketing Videos In Seconds! Massive Time Saver for Product Creators, Affiliate Marketers, CPA Marketers! We all know that video marketing is HUGE. Most of us probably have a ton of videos on YouTube and other video sharing sites with links back to our various websites generating us traffic daily.

Let`s face it - it`s way easier to get a video to rank on page one of the search engines than it is to rank a website. And the more videos you have directing traffic your way, the better it is for your bottom line. But making all those videos takes time, and it`s expensive to outsource the task. Then, if you want to create various versions of your videos so that you can target different keywords without getting penalized for uploading the same videos, it takes even more time or money.But now you can crank out dozens of traffic-generating videos quickly and easily ... and inexpensively!

Introducing... Easy Video Spinner ....Just feed some images, spinnable text and background music into the software, and at the push of a button it spits out 10, 20, 50 or more videos... in seconds!