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File : Private Label Rights

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Keep Track Of Your Business And Your Customers In More Ways Than Even Thought Possible! Impress Your Customers And Keep Them Loyal! Now You Can Keep Track Of Every Detail About Every Customer, And Access That Information With Just A Quick Mouse Click! How Would You Like Your Customers To Feel So Valued And Special That They Wouldn`t Even Think Of Doing Business With Anybody Else?

Do you ever find yourself at a loss for words, trying to remember a name, a face, or the buying history of a customer?

Does keeping track of important details like these seem to be getting the best of you, with information falling through the cracks and getting lost?

Wouldn`t it be great to find an easy and convenient way to keep track of every detail about every customer, right down to birthdays, anniversaries, and favorite vacation spots?

Maybe you`d like to be able to check for these details quickly and easily so that you can include them in a conversation so smoothly that your customer can`t help but be impressed.

Now you can do all this and much more, thanks to this powerful new contact management software that`s specially designed to meet your needs every time! Internet Marketing Contact Manager Will Help You Turn Your Business Into A Profit Generating Machine ....

- Easy to install, set up, and use right from the start!

- Practically limitless ways to record valuable information and then access it later when it is most useful to you!

- Keep track of birthdays, hobbies, spouses, children, favorite vacation destinations, and so much more!

- Add new contacts, update old contacts, and keep your database current with just a few quick clicks of the mouse!

- Never struggle to remember a name or forget a customer`s buying preferences ever again!

- IMC Manager can be setup with multiple user or admin accounts so everyone in your office can add data about your customers each time they are in contact with them!

- And much more !