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This product is inclusive of ready made web site allowing you to resell this software instantly. Additional items such as graphics, marketing articles, promotional text and other items may also included with the package as well.

Here`s The Secret To Protecting Yourself From Commission Thieves!

Cloak Your Links !

This is what happens when you cloak a link -- it starts out long and ugly, and turns into a nice, short, friendly-looking URL.

Which URL would you rather click?

Both of those links can lead to the same place, the Sonic Memo web site, but the second URL is much more "clickable" -- it`s just better looking.

Not only that, but notice there`s no apparent affiliate ID? In fact, just by looking at it there`s no way to know whether that link will take you to a review of the product, the download page, sales page, etc.

It`s totally cloaked!

That`s What Sonic Redirect Does For You

In minutes all of your affiliate links can be cloaked. The Sonic Redirect software works on Windows and Macintosh computers and the redirect scripts work on almost any server that runs PHP (almost everything these days).

Can you upload a file to your web server? Then you have all the skills needed to make Sonic Redirect work for you. And if you`re a little nervous, don`t worry, a PDF document and several video tutorials are available to walk you through the process. (Watching the walkthrough video is all most people will need to get going.)

Other Uses For Sonic Redirect

Besides protecting your affiliate links from unscrupulous people, Sonic Redirect is great for putting links in ebooks. Sure you can use a regular affiliate link, but imagine this scenario...

You create a special report or ebook that includes an affiliate link to a product or service and then something changes -- maybe the company of the product you`re promoting goes out of business, or maybe they drop their affiliate program.

Yikes! You`re sunk! You have dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of copies of your ebook floating around and they all include a link that`s no good.

Except, if you use Sonic Redirect to create the links in your ebook, you can always change the redirect URL on the back-end. So if one company goes out of business, you just swap out the old URL for a new URL and you`ll continue to make money from that link!

One more big advantage to using Sonic Redirect is that you can add "tracking tokens" to a redirect URL at any time. That means you can use one redirect link with a specific tracking token for the link in pay-per-click ads, a different tracking token for the link in an ezine ad, etc.

Look at your tracking log and see how many times the link was clicked -- and which tracking token was clicked on the most.

That way you can manage the effectiveness of your advertising -- all with a cloaked redirect link from Sonic Redirect.