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The Article Submitter Used Secretly by the most ELITE Article Marketers!

Article Marketing is now Easier & FASTER than Ever!

Some of the Features:

+ Submits to hundreds of article directories. No low-quality article directories though... ONLY the good, quality article directories!

+ Automatically creates and confirms article directory accounts FOR YOU! Yep, it even takes care of confirmation emails!

+ Automatic submission passes you the actual messages the directories show after the submission (in 70% of the cases). With other software you basicaly have no idea whether the submissions fail or work.

+ Automatically creates pen names (you can do this manually too) and provides an easy way to manage and use them for each article submission.

+ Allows you to "spin" your article(s) with a dictionary of 20,000+ related words!

+ Checks your article and provides keyword analysis and spell check BEFORE you submit the article!

+ Allows you to submit articles to your own and blogs!

As you can see, this is NOT "JUST" an article submitter! This is a complete article marketing tool with elite article marketers in mind!

It`s not a spamming tool though! It submits to the top article directories. It submits to most of the sites 100% automated, but for some you still need to be there and enter picture verifications (non-avoidable.) Here is a list of 300+ TOP directories (don`t forget you can add your own blogs.