EBA Software Mega Pack V 1

EBA Software Mega Pack V 1




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This product is inclusive of ready made web site allowing you to resell this software instantly. Additional items such as graphics, marketing articles, promotional text and other items may also included with the package as well.


Here`s a description of each product in this special MEGA package release:

Ezy Link Expire: This is by far, our most popular selling product! This PHP script will give you the system to create your own web site links that expire at a time pre-determined by YOU! You can put this to use for your web business and see for yourself what type of better sales ratio you can have! Imagine offering a sale and informing your customers that the link must be followed within 48 hours...72 hours...6 hours...whatever time limit YOU want! Imagine being able to offer free downloads to your mailing list - and setting a download limit of 500 clicks...1,000 clicks...2,000 clicks...whatever limit YOU want!

Newsletter Genie Pro: NewsGenie Pro is a PHP script that enables every newsletter publisher & webmaster the ability to create and maintain their own html newsletters with little or no knowledge of the html language itself! Every piece of your newsletter is hosted and viewed online. You can simply send a text eMail to your subscribers, informing them that your new edition is online! Since the notice you send out has very few words, the chances of it passing the spam filters are high!
Webmaster`s Guide To Creative Internet Marketing: Webmaster`s Guide To Creative Internet Marketing was published for webmasters who want to start out on the right foot...who want to know how to creatively marketing their web businesses!! This new eGuide will show you how to creatively market your web business and even how to improve your chances of making the sale! Whether you are a seasoned-webmaster or a complete newbie, this package is going to help YOU understand how to creatively market your business.

Super Sales Booster: A COLLECTION OF OVER 30 EBOOKS, CGI SCRIPTS, AND SOFTWARE PRODUCTS DESIGNED TO MAKE YOU MORE MONEY! Super Sales Booster software package was created for webmasters who need to have the most effective marketing tools at their fingertips...the tools that REALLY gets the job done!!

RSS Publishing 101: RSS Publishing Made Easy was developed to introduce the Internet Business Community to a new marketing approach, the same approach that many of the gurus are now pushing. With the decline of eMail marketing, we`ve been forced to venture to new technology in order to get responsive advertising. RSS feeds are the hot new way to bring in highly targeted web site visitors, for a very small price. Employ RSS feeds on your own web site and syndicate your news, announcements, and articles across the globe! It`s all possible using RSS Feeds!!

Web101 Mini Eguide: This hot little guide was developed to serve as a pocket reference to teach newbies and professional webmasters alike the in`s and out`s of marketing a business online! Great informational product!

Guerrilla Marketing Web Journal Volume 1: This all new eProduct will begin to teach you how to become a creative and effective guerrilla marketer. It will teach you the in`s and out`s of marketing on your own and how to maximize your profits. This new ebook is the 1st of 3 total volumes that are being released in November, December, and January of 2004-05. What a great time to learn how to market your web sites, guerrilla-style!