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This product is inclusive of ready made web site allowing you to resell this software instantly. Additional items such as graphics, marketing articles, promotional text and other items may also included with the package as well.

Do You Sign Up to Many Affiliate Programs...

It`s tough enough keeping track of commissions from selling other peoples products but having to login to each and every one of them just to review stats can be pain in the behind.

I couldn`t tell you how many times I`ve forgotten to login to a membership site to download the latest monthly product, only to realize I`ve missed one or worse "two" months. Now that is upsetting and if they remove the products of the previous month, that`s wasted money.

With Login Manager Pro, when I see all the affiliate and membership sites that I belong to right there starring me right in the face, It makes it so much easier to just click and in, download or check commissions earned.

Every Good Product deserves an affiliate program.. One where those that have purchased the product and find it to be valuable not only to the buyer but to others they know as well. A Great Product can Generate a Great Income and there are Hundreds of them online. Not Everyone uses Clickbank and even if they do you will find they have an affiliate program to join in order to show commissions for any referrals. If you are like me, you have several affiliate urls to login to. Login Manager Pro makes it easy to login at any time to any affiliate program you belong to. Without having to search for the url and login details.

Login Manager Pro Lets You Manage and Organize All your Logins All from One Location...