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Affiliate Video Brander




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This product include of ready made web site allowing you to resell this software instatly. Additional items such as graphics, marketing articles, promotional text and other items may also included with the package as well.

Now YOU can use our ridiculously easy video tool to make your affiliate commissions explode through the roof and here`s the most ingenious part - you DON`T even have to make your own videos!

Affiliate Marketers Have Been Kept Out-of-the-Loop And Prevented From Prospering With Online Video! Up to this point, video has been for the makers of the videos who control them and show them to put money into their own pockets only. But with Affiliate Video Brander, huge video powered commissions await you and you DON`T even have to create your own videos or mess with difficult Flash files or HTML programs. All you have to do is click a few buttons and our software does the rest!