Premium FB Graphics Kit 2

Premium FB Graphics Kit 2




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Dear Friend,

If you want to make your Facebook pages look good, you`re in the right place. I`ve put together an awesome new package where you get pretty much all the design files you need to give your FB pages an instant visual makeover. These designs files include:

1. Facebook Timeline Covers

2. Facebook Profile Picture Templates

3. Facebook Tab App Buttons

4. Facebook Timeline Cover Backgrounds

5. Facebook Timeline Cover Graphics Elements

The design files in this "Premium FB Graphics Kit", will help make any Facebook page look better... in minutes! Let me show you exactly what you get...

#1: Facebook Timeline Covers

The first thing someone sees when they come to your Facebook page is the timeline cover. This timeline cover is a great way to make a nice first impression and to instantly show your visitors what your page is all about... all at a quick glance. These FB timeline cover templates will help you do just that.

#2: FB Profile Picture Templates

One other major thing a person sees when they visit your Facebook page, is the profile image that`s part of the timeline cover. So it`s a good idea to make these images look good and stand out. So here`s a set of 10 templates to help you do that. There are 5 templates for adding a photo as a profile image, and 5 templates for adding a logo as a profile image.

#3: FB Tab App Buttons

Another way you can customize your Facebook page visually, is by using custom made tab app buttons. So here`s a set of 10 great looking app button templates you can use on your FB pages.

#4: FB Timeline Cover Backgrounds

To give you more variety in the type of Facebook timeline covers you can create, I`m also including a set of 20 backgrounds that you can mix and match with your timeline covers. Just swap out a different background to give your timeline cover design an instant makeover.

#5: FB Timeline Graphics Elements

To add some finishing touches to your timeline covers, I`m also including a set of useful graphics elements that you can copy and paste into your designs. You`ll get things like: ribbons, picture frames, shelves, computer screens, paper clips, tape, polaroid photos, hand drawn graphics, pins, badges, and more...