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Introducing ..... AzonBooster WordPress Theme .......

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Here are the features of AzonBooster Wordpress Theme which you must have it now!

AzonBooster Main Features !

Look at these following powerful features and you will know why we recommend you to grab it and use it for your sites :

- Clean and Cool Design - It`s not like other high CTR theme that`s designed not cool. CleanSense comes with cool design like what you can see on the preview. It will not only increase your CTR but also make your visitors happy in browsing your site.

- Good Ads Placement - This is the main reason why we recommend you to grab it. CleanSense has good ads placement to increase the CTR. Besides that, it doesn`t violate Google Adsense TOS..

- Easy to Use - You don`t need to be master or an coding expert to use this theme. It comes with newbie friendly theme panel that you can configure this theme for there, such as; changing stylesheet colors, placing ad code, insert logo, and more..

- 5 Stylesheet Colors - CleanSense comes with 5 stylesheet colors that you can change it easily from theme panel. Those are grey, red, orange, blue, and green.

- SEO Optimized - This theme is also optimited to get best result on search engine. It is featured with SEO friendly breadcrumb, auto h1 on single post, and much more.

- Auto Related Post - Yes, it will increase the conversion. On single post, this theme will show related post automatically after post content, you don`t need to install additional plugin..

- Cool Featured Slider - It will appear on single post. You can select some category that will show on featured area.

- Auto read more & Auto thumbnail - This theme can crop your post image automatically and show it on homepage or category page. Besides that, it also comes with auto readmore feature....

- And much more !