The Complete Guide To Site Flipping

The Complete Guide To Site Flipping




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Introducing ..... The Complete Guide To Site Flipping .......

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I could no longer ignore the fact that site flipping has become huge. Personally, I dont understand why youd want to put so much work into a site and then sell it. Why not monetize it yourself? Then I get all these people who say to me, Steve, Im no marketer. Just show me how to create the site cheaply and good enough to flip for a decent profit.

So, after giving it a lot of thought, I finally decided to stop fighting it. If this is what a good number of people want to know how to do, then I might as well give them a guide that is going to have them doing it correctly.

The information in this book has been generated by observing the masters of site flipping.

That is the only way to learn. I had no knowledge of site flipping when I first started out, so I had to learn. And what I learned was simply mind blowing. And yes, this system does work. Make no mistake about it. If you put the time and effort into what youre about to read, there is no reason why you cant flip a site for anywhere from $497 to $997.

So lets get right into the process of site flipping !

Table Of Contents :

- Introduction Page 4

- Getting Started Page 5

- Creating And Selling Your Site Page 9

- Game Plan And Projections Page 18

- Some Final Words Page 20