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"Top eBay affiliates are
making $1,000`s per month."
"eBay pays out over $1 million per year
to just their top 50 affiliates!"
This product include of full web site allowing you to sell this product instantly. This product also includes of all other material such as psd files, marketing letter, videos, advertisement text, ready made email letter, articles for use to submit to articles directory, ready made description for submission to web directory, promotional text and many more.
Isn`t it time you got your share
of BILLION$ of dollars in fees from
Winning Bids and Buy It Now transactions?
I N T R O D U C I N G ...
eBay Cashflow Site™
It`s pre-built & ready to go - just download, edit affiliate ID, upload
It`s flexible - you can change colors, header graphics and more
It`s economical - add a new profit center for the price of dinner
It`s a money maker - built-in income streams to fatten your wallet
Dear Affiliate,
This is the ideal website because your visitors can search all of eBay or browse the top categories from your website - not eBay`s site. The search results are displayed using RSS Feeds embedded with your affiliate ID.
The RSS Feeds give you constantly updated content because auctions are always expiring. And when your visitor clicks a link -- and you know they will -- a new window opens taking them to If they buy something immediately or within seven days, you make money. If they register as an active user, you make money again.
But That`s Not All. Your eBay Cashflow Site™ Includes ...
eBay-Approved Direct RSS Feeds with your Commission Junction eBay Affiliate ID embedded in every RSS Feed.
Constantly updated content because auctions are always expiring
Your visitors searching the entire site and results displayed on your site
Category browsing results are based on a keyword that you choose within that specific category, not the entire eBay site.
Visitor`s search and Category keyword shows in Page Title and META tags
Remind Me link - set up your autoresponder as a weekly reminder service for your visitors to explore new items
Benefits of searching eBay without all the clutter
All results links open a new window - visitor doesn`t leave your site
Bookmark This Site link to help with return visitors
Editing capabilities: one config file to set your Commission Junction eBay Affiliate ID, Google AdSense ID, sidebar color, border color, page background color, number of results on page and Category keywords. If you know basic HTML and PHP 4.x, you can also edit the header graphic, entire sidebar, top links, page footer, top ad box, bottom ad box and even the design.
Results from US in US Dollars only - other versions upon request
See the actual LIVE Site you`re buying
Now Here`s The Real SECRET POWER Of This Site...
How To Get 1,000`s Of INSTANT Niche Landing Pages
Use the Niche Keyword Finder method as outlined in the free instruction manual included with purchase. Then simply do a search on your eBay site. Copy the URL as your landing page and -- voila! -- a niche landing page.
Next, login to your favorite PPC account, use their tools to find 5 and 10 cost per click longtail keywords and start your campaign to get traffic and commissions. With millions of products on eBay, the limit is only your imagination.
For example, if you discovered scrapbooking is an affordable keyword -- or one of its longtails, type scrapbook in your eBay search box and this is what you will find. Here are some more ideas for rock-bottom price niche keywords: cat condo, scented jar candle, gasoline scooter, curling iron, paintball gun barrels, conga drum, yoga mat bag. Let your imagination go wild!
No more making niche site after niche site
No more headaches writing, editing or submitting articles
No more frustration and hassles with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
No more hours and hours wasted every week
Remember, the strategy is to get targeted affordable traffic and profitable commissions. This fantastic method pinpoints what a person is searching and matches it exactly to what they want to buy. Landing pages don`t get better than this!
Your visitors will be impressed they land on precisely what they want and will most likely browse and shop eBay -- with your affiliate ID. Then when they close the eBay browser window, they`ll come back to your site and maybe they will click on your AdSense ads -- or anything else you added.
(Side Note: if you want to get popular fast, use keywords in the current news. Like ... Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, Britney Spears, John McCain, Valentine`s Day, etc.)
So How Much Money Can You Make?
Make between 50% and 75% of eBay’s Revenue on Winning Bids or Buy It Now transactions.
Make between $25.00 and $35.00 for each new eBay active user
Make money every time your visitors click on an AdSense advertisement
Plus anything else you add (you can edit the ad boxes, header, footer, top links or entire sidebar)
Remember, top affiliates are making $1,000`s per month -- and so can you!
Here`s What You Need For eBay Cashflow Site™
Minimum Requirements...
Unzipping software and know how to use it
Web hosting account for PHP 4.x - no database required (not tested with PHP 5.x)
Commission Junction member and eBay affiliate ID - free - in instruction manual
Google AdSense publisher ID - free - in instruction manual
Ability to edit a config file using NotePad or other text editor - instruction manual included
Experience uploading files via FTP or web-based admin panel
Advanced Requirements...
Basic knowledge of HTML and PHP 4.x to edit .inc files: header, sidebar, footer, ad boxes, etc
Are You Ready For Something New & Exciting?
You Get...
The config file to quickly edit your affiliate ID`s and more
The PHP 4.x files to make it all work
The Operation & Marketing Instruction Manual
Master Resell Rights