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This NicheBooklet shows you how to:
care for dry skin
give your skin the best care possible
reduce unsightly stretch marks
start a holistic skin care routine
keep your hair healthy
vanish those wrinkles with the help of inexpensive solutions
PLUS 21 effective beauty and skincare tips!

This NicheBooklet shows you how to:
make organizing a team effort
avoid storage space blues
get yourself organized
create functional yet attractive storage spaces
store tiny trinkets minus the hassles
find extra space in unexpected places
PLUS 21 easy to follow tips on how you can be more organized!

This NicheBooklet shows you how to:
avoid saying the N-word and retain customers
deal with a complaining customer
create a client-friendly environment
be happy and increase your profits
entertain customers
deal with difficult customers
PLUS 21 high-powered tips for better customer service!

This NicheBooklet shows you:
what`s involved in caring for a dog
what great gifts you can give to your dog
how to keep your dog happy
what to do to make sure your dogs get along
how to keep fleas and bad odor off your pet
solutions if your dog gets smelly
PLUS 21 tips to ensure a healthy dog!

This NicheBooklet shows you how to:
choose clothes that make you look slimmer
be a smart shopper
make simple changes in your wardrobe for impact
dress in style and be comfortable too
shop for clothes when you`re on a tight budget
accentuate your features through colors
PLUS 21 tried and true fashion tips!

This NicheBooklet shows you:
how to develop the perfect garden
how to maintain a garden with only 5 minutes to spare
why you should invest in a good set of gardening tools
how to grow a healthy garden
how to cultivate your flowerbeds
how to take care of your houseplants
PLUS 21 gardening tips you can use today!

This NicheBooklet shows you how to:
care for your skin using natural products
maintain an ideal weight
keep your family healthy inside your home
workout without knowing it
incorporate better nutrition in your diet
make small changes that result in huge weight loss
PLUS 21 highly effective health and fitness tips!

This NicheBooklet shows you how to:
keep your tools organized
deal with plumbing problems quickly and easily
keep your manuals and pamphlets handy
deal with clutter in your household
be ready for simple home repair jobs
do simple painting preparation
PLUS 21 you-can-do-it-now home repair tips!

This NicheBooklet shows you how to:
reuse household items
keep your kitchenware odor-free
solve common problems using kitchen items
remove glue, decals and stickers from furniture
get more use out of dryer sheets
get more use out of vinegar
PLUS 21 ready-to-implement housekeeping tips!

This NicheBooklet shows you how to:
maximize your schedule
create effective to-do lists
organize yourself and your time
manage your time and reduce stress
set realistic goals
keep up wih your schedule and avoid stress
PLUS 21 high-impact time management tips!