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This product is inclusive of ready made web site allowing you to resell this software instantly. Additional items such as graphics, marketing articles, promotional text and other items may also included with the package as well.

"How To Instantly Track The Search Engine Listings Of All Your Websites ...Automatically "

If you`re like me, the long road to ranking high in the search engines can get discouraging at times. Checking the number of page hits is not a good indication of initial progress toward promoting a new site.

I submitted a unique article to over 200 article directories last week only to get a few hits to my site. Sound familiar? I`m in it for the long haul, but it`s still tough to hang in there.

Life would be so much simpler if we could keep track of the number of pages on our sites that have actually been indexed by the search engines - and the number of backlinks indexed for each site too.

This information is especially important at the beginning of a site`s life. But up until now, these stats have only been accessible manually or five functions deep into some high-priced complicated SEO software.

Now that`s all changed! Click on the picture below to see a video of how easy it is to track this information with the brand new Site Page Tracker:

Site Page Tracker uses a PHP script to accomplish its magic. Setup is a snap, and as you can see from the picture above, your stats are saved each time the software runs. You can even copy & paste into a spreadsheet to chart your data if you wish.

Site Page Tracker installs on your own web host and can track as many websites as desired, from a single installation. You can even have daily updates sent to you by email automatically.

In addition, if you write articles and submit them to article directories, there is a special "must have" feature. Simply enter the titles of all your articles (as many as you want) and the script will track the spread of each of your articles across the Internet, allowing you to immediately see how many websites are displaying each of your articles.