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Simple New App Saves You Money On Clickbank Virtually Everytime You Use It!"

Did you know that most products and services on ClickBank have MANY different prices and sign-up options? ...Not just the one or two you see advertised to the public!

You can get big discounts, free trials, dollar-trials, and more... just by knowing where to look!

There are TONS of discounted prices, trials and other special deals out there... most likely for products or services you`ve already purchased at full price!

The thing is, these discounts, trials and deals are available for anyone to buy - it`s just that very few people know they exist... and even fewer know how to FIND THEM!

You are about to become one of those few people that know how to find these hidden discounts!

Use CB Goldminer for your own use... or find great deals for your clients and subscribers.

If you`re buying for yourself :

- Uncover the lowest prices that very few people know about... never needlessly pay full price again!

- Find cheap or free trials instead of paying up-front

- Save money on one-off AND subscription payments

If you`re selling products as an affiliate :

- Make MORE commissions because you can find YOUR subscribers the best deals! They`ll buy from YOUR affiliate link because the offer you found is better than anyone else`s.

- Or (if you don`t care about commissions) just be the hero that can secure deals and trials not found anywhere else!

Here`s What You Get...

- The easy-to-use CB Goldminer application that instantly uncovers ALL the buying options for ANY product on ClickBank... At the push of a button

- Works on Mac or PC

- Walkthrough video shows you how to get set up and how to use the software

- Unlimited tech support (CB Goldminer is super easy to use, but support is there if you need it)

- Lifetime updates, free of charge