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Keyword Buddy 1.0 is a very practical tool for all PPC- and SEO marketers. It saves a lot of time and frees you from all those boring, tiring and tedious work tasks related to sorting-, cleaning up- and organizing keyword lists.

Here is what this tool can do for you:
* Quickly and easily organize a huge list of keyword into tightly focused adgroups for your pay-per-click campaigns.
* From a large list of keywords, quickly identify all key-phrases that contain specific words or characters.

* Export- and/or Import keywords, adgroups, negative keyword lists from or to a text file.

* Filter and sort your keyword lists by specific words and/or characters.

* From a possibly huge keyword list, quickly and easily identify keywords that are irrelevant for your market and delete them all together from your keyword list with a click of a button.

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