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Have you been searching high and low for a fun way for your kids to master basic math skills - but haven`t experienced much luck in finding what you really need? Or maybe you`ve found a solution to your problem - but also found that solution to be ridiculously overpriced!

Well, here`s a refreshing new idea for you, and it won`t cost you an arm and a leg.

Our Math Master is exactly what the doctor ordered. If you want to motivate your kids and get them hooked on the Magic of Mathematics- then don`t you owe it to yourself to give Math Master a go?

After all, I guarantee you`ll be 100% satisfied and totally excited with the results you`ll get.

And here are just a few of the fun and educational features you will enjoy when you have your own Math Master :

Three Difficulty settings - Beginner, Intermediate and Expert
Varying time limits, rewards and degree of difficulty based on selected level
Five Levels at each difficulty setting
Bonus Levels for more points
Covers Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
Ideal for practicing and consolidating knowledge of multiplication tables
Immediate alert on incorrect response
Review problems encountered and learn from mistakes
Incentivise performance by converting points scored to reward dollars