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This product include of ready made web site allowing you to resell this software instatly. Additional items such as graphics, marketing articles, promotional text and other items may also included with the package as well.

"Here`s Why 9 Out Of 10 Email Marketers Eventually Explode!..."

Relax Now There`s A Way To Guarantee Your Messages Get Seen By 100% of Your Subscribers Every Time!

I understand your pain... Every time you send a message to your list how many even see it, let alone read it? 10%, 20%... Maybe if you`re lucky (or possess the technical skills of a 4th Dan Deliverability Expert) you could possibly squeeze 50%...

Let`s face it, it doesn`t matter how carefully you crafted that email or how long you spent putting that killer offer together if more than half the people on your list never even see your email - Email Marketers are losing out big time and it`s getting worse.

Spam filters. Ouch! But they`re only 1 part of the problem aren`t they?

Why?... Well even if your message isn`t jettisoned into some black hole by an over-zealous spam filter, there are so many O.B.M`s (Other Bloody Marketers) competing for the eyes and ears of your prospects it`s getter harder and harder to stand out in the crowd...

Don`t Let Your Business Go The Way Of The Dodo!

Look.. I`m sorry about this, but here`s a question you`d probably rather not think about let alone answer... How much extra profit do you think you`d earn if every message you sent to your list was actually seen and read by everyone you sent it to every time?

I`m talking about...

...A guaranteed 100% open rate!

Yes! Your Wish Has Finally Come True...

With "DeskTop Pop" You Can Guarantee They`ll Get Your Messages - Every Time!

DeskTop Pop is a brand new program that lets you build mini applications that sit in your prospects system tray (The bottom right of your screen next to the clock).

This little `silent salesman` quietly monitors the web page you tell it to (as often as you want) until you update that page.

When you do - Bam! The application springs to life and lets them know!

What does this mean to you? In simple terms it means you never need to worry about your prospects seeing your latest offers because you won`t be worrying about your emails getting through. As soon as you update the page they`ll know about it!

Here`s just a few of the ways you can use `DeskTop Pop`:

Newsletters - Guaranteed delivery of every issue of your newsletter -- no more accidental filtering or blocking of the e-mail version by ISPs and filtering software!

Special Offer Alerts - Your prospects get instant notification of all your latest special offers!

Backend Promoter - Strike up affiliate partnerships and promote them through `DeskTop Pop`.

Affiliate Updater/Motivator - Inform your affiliate`s of your new promotional material and products. Keep them up to date with their affiliate stats and motivate them to make YOU more money!

Membership Site`s - Run your membership site through `DeskTop Pop`, now your members will always know as soon as you add new content.

Product Updates - Inform your customers of the latest updates to your products so they can get instant access without even opening their browser or email program!

Download Area - Have your website download area contained within `DeskTop Pop` so you can bring people back to your offers long after they download your freebies!

And many, many more! The possibilities are endless.
All these things will bring people back to your site again and again to buy your products!

Let me show you exactly how `DeskTop Pop` works. All you do is simply open the program, fill in a few simple options, and press "Build Application".

`DeskTop Pop` will create a file ready to distribute to your prospects and customers!

Yes That Really Is All You Have To Do!

Then the next time you want to bring them back to your website and sales message you simply update the page you entered when creating the program, and within minutes you`re prospects will receive an alert direct to their desktop like below...

Build Unlimited Numbers Of Applications - Once you own DeskTop Pop you can build unlimited numbers of applications in just seconds - Create them for every site you own and distribute as many of the mini applications as you choose.
There are no restrictions on how many applications you build, there are no monthly fees.

So how much does DeskTop Pop Cost?

Let me ask you how much is 100% deliverability worth to you?

Using this technology could easily add thousands to your bottom line each year - heck it could double your current profits this week... So maybe you`re expecting a hefty price tag?

Well the second bit of great news you`re going to hear today is that this isn`t going to cost you an arm or a leg. Simply put I think everyone should be using this ingenious software - And to make that a reality I am deliberately keeping the price low (for now*) ...

* Note: I`m not guaranteeing this low price will be around forever - So I urge you to get in on this `early bird` deal now using the order link below...

As always your purchase is backed up with my 30 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee so even at this ultra low price you can order now with confidence.

Ooh I`d never dream of it, but maybe you would:

There is another possible use for this software that isn`t covered in the sales letter above...
You could build a DeskTop Pop application for yourself so you can keep an eye on your own favorite web sites. If you want to know when the site owner makes changes to a specific page now you can - Simply use their URL instead of your own and you`ll get an alert each time their page changes...